Birmingham AIDS Outreach was incorporated in 1985 and was the first non-profit dedicated to providing HIV/AIDS prevention, education and services for persons living with HIV/AIDS in Alabama. All programs at BAO are free of charge and include services for HIV-positive individuals, HIV prevention education and LGBTQ programs. 

The Magic City Acceptance Center is Birmingham's LGBTQ Youth Center offering free HIV/STD/STI testing, counseling, support groups, workshops, movie nights, queer prom, summer camp and more. Adult services are also available.

The Magic City Wellness Center is Birmingham's LGBTQ Primary Care facility. MCWC offers primary care in a safe, welcoming and affirmig environment to members of the LGBTQ community and their allies. Services include: Primary Care, Hormone Replacement Therapy, HIV/STD/STI testing, STD/STI treatment, Counseling, support groups, PrEP/PeP Services and more. holy trinity logo

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